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    Our goal is to show organic form - plants presented as a living and sentient organisms. We created the installation of a wall covered with plants interactively respond to the human. Interaction is based on studies of chlorophyll fluorescence, whose variable level is depend on stress factors such as presence of human, touch, loud sound or so. Luminous projections, as well as sound, react to human presence in real time, generating a graphical structures, whose appearance and intensity are dependent on the audience. 
Installation also generates interactive, subtle, stereo sound dependent on images. Samples obtained from field and digital synthesizer recordings.

    Project: Justyna Bielecka + Karolina Mikołajczuk

    Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw // Faculty of Graphic Arts // Studio of Multimedia Artistic Creation // Prof. Wiktor Jędrzejec // PhD Jakub Wróblewski // PhD Piotr Welk

    operator: Jakub Wróblewski, Antoni Domański // editor: Karolina Mikołajczuk // sound: Justyna Bielecka // color grading: Justyna Bielecka